We are always excited to hear that you are wanting to add a new member to your family and as a rescue, we want to pair you with a perfect fit. We work to listen to what you are looking for in a pet verses what a pet looks like. While we try to match up your request, sometimes it can be tough. Sometimes, a special pooch may have a face to die for; however, they may not fit your exact desires. Many of our orphans come from rocky starts and we strive to make the transition into a new home as smooth as possible. If you are interested in adoption, please click on the box below and submit an adoption application. We so look forward to hearing from you!

We understand that not everyone can not be a foster but still want to help the animals. You can help organize donation drives or come out and help with a foster friend at one of our events that we participate in. 
At events, you will help an orphan by walking him/her around, help answering questions or even help by just playing with them. 

As with any rescue, we are gratefule for any donation you wish to give. Whether it is a monetary donation, a bag of food, toys, etc, no donation is too small.
We can always use Pedigree dog food (dry or can), dog toys, dog beds, old towels or pillows, and sheets. 

You can drop off donations at any event we are at or stop by Coat's Vet. We thank you and all of the orphans bark with a high-paw-5!

Becoming a foster home is rewarding in a variety of ways. Not only ar you saving an animals life, you actually save 2! The one you took in and the one who can have the space your foster come from. You will provide a safe and warm environment for your fur-member plus help them learn any obedience and socialization skills he/she may need and food. Some dogs may already be house/crate trained, know commands and get along with others but there are times they do not.  Odin's Orphans will take care of the medical needs, vaccines and/or spay/neuter. 

If you would like to become a foster, please contact us! 

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