My Story
By any other name other than Nym just doesn't fit me! Imma a small kid ya see. I may only be about 30lbs, but I can hang with the best of them! I have lots of energy and would love a kid to run around and play with.....hey, we could run out each others' energy!!
I gotta tell ya a quick story, picture it, Sicily, 1922.....just kinding, but for real, picture it, adoption event, getting set up, foster mom has AC running to keep us cool and guess who locked the doors, yep, me!! While they had to get the extra key, I did the unthinkable, snoozed, my energy was done....lol!

When I not going around to tell everyone hey, I'll run and play with the other pup-a-dogs! We can all play like that. I'm even chill and cool when I go to that interesting place and get looked all over. I've had all my shots, been microshipped and spayed.... I think they just can't resisit petting the Nym!