My Story
Ah-heym, let me introduce my handsome self, I'm Malachi!  When I first came from the shelter, my beloved human helpers thought my back leg was broken. They aren't sure what happened but the good news is, I am doing much better. I still holds it up sometimes when I get that funky ache, but it settles back down. It doesn't stop me.... I love playing with all of the new friends I have met and sunning out on the deck.
I am up to date on all of my vaccines, been microchipped, and neutered. I was even a rockstar while I underwent treat for those nasty heartworms I had.

I have adjusted well into my new surroundings and was easy to crate and house train! I know, GO ME!! And like riding a bike, I walk good on a leash and one of my favorite things to do is go for a car ride! Those are just the absolute best thing since rubbing slobber on a window! I can see us having so much together as a new family if you would like to adopt my loveable self!!