My Story
Howdy there partner! I'm Buford Blue and my friends call Buford! I'm a root-tootin, fun loving boy who is ready to settle on into your homestead. ​

I'm still one of those there youngin' type of fur-kids but my hooman parents have taught me how to be a good boy!
I like them there nature walks (what good ole country dog don't like the dirt!!), tug of war, getting chased by other pups and I get so excited meeting new people.

I have lots of energy (that's the jack in me ) I'm very smart and I know my basic tricks but I'm up for learnin' that higher edu-ma-cation. I'm up to date on all my vaccines and I'm microchipped, just in case I loose my way. I hardly bark unless I get scared. I like car rides and I'm always excited to go somewhere new. Give me a chance and I'll show you that I'll love you forever